Sunday, June 23, 2002

The summer solstice brings the long days in to nights. The body now gives into naps, and the chance to relive the past through dreams, and controlled fantasies. The time at CBS occupies most of my reverie. It forces many incidents that reside on the back-porch of my mind to be relived vicariously without the standards of facts getting in the way. This summer time of the year, was a cause for many hard feelings amongst the technicians. One of the sore points in the way seniority worked was to give the summer vacations to the same men year-in-and-year-out. When television came in to prominence in the early '50's. The techs that were hired were only days apart from some of their coworkers, yet they always got to pick summer weeks for vacation, without any consideration that the guy behind you was never to have summer weeks off. It was an amazing thing to witness. People that worked together all year long, and were very close friends, had feelings of animosity when it came time for vacation picks. It was the only time you witnessed the worst in some people. They always managed to hide behind the seniority list, as their personal shield. Many plans were offered to make it a fair process, but the ones that had the higher position on the list were not willing to relinquish it. I mention this facet of our life at CBS only to keep the history alive by referring to the good and the bad in our relationships. While, I have always written about the common good, there existed many different and dissident characters. Most though it made for a good stew. The few grabbers that we had couldn't spoil the overall attitude and camaraderie that pervaded the plant in general. I live a remarkable tenure at CBS; I never spent too many years in any one department. It afforded me one of the best all-around opportunities to learn the broadcast business. And I can truly say, I was never bored, and I met the finest people that the company had to offer. I number a great many of you as friends. It made for a great life, but, as I say quite often and ungrammatically now, "it went in a blink of an eye." And, you know what, I don't care about seniority anymore. I am off every summer, so bliffffffszzzzzzzz!

Tony Cucurullo