Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Here is my semiannual appeal for more stories, tidbits, or just plain information. Guys and Gals, without your support this page could wither-on-the-vine. Sometime back, Bob Vernum, appealed to us, that we could reveal some of our retirement hobbies, (he is into model airplane construction). We don't have staff writers, or research people. Help is needed, from all of you. I don't mind if you put your favorite gripe to print. Maybe some of you are on a weight program that we can all benefit from? Perhaps, you attend art classes, or a senior group? I'd like to hear form Deppe, as to how he has been able to endure that blast-from-hell-heat, you folks in Arizona, live through. Howie Purnick, one of the funniest men alive or dead, has yet to send me an article, unless of course he is out in the desert looking for oil! Stan Seiller is a very good writer. I wonder if he has published any of the plays he has written? Then, friends in Florida sometimes send email. I would rather have some stories on conditions in their state for Seniors. Has anyone seen or contacted a dear friend, Stan Gould? Out on Long Island, any information about Tom DeLila, Dwight Temple? I know the Claudios, (Chico and Betty) just remodeled their home to accommodate their mother. Our own Ted Perzeszty, (I still have to think through the spelling of his name) is working the people out his way to get together with Tony Casola, and others for these mini-luncheons. The news here in Virginia is always Militarily oriented, lot's of sad faces as the battle units head out for Mideast assignments. But, the weather has been beautiful here. Last night we had a full moon and it was totally "Orange". It resembled a thanksgiving pumpkin.
So, folks, come on help out a little.

Tony Cucurullo