Friday, June 28, 2002

Here is a copy of what I sent to Cameron Shell yesterday, almost accurate!
its been a long time...Harry Charles

I worked at the Grand Central Site for 7 years in the 50's. There were 4 studios. 41, 42, 43, & 44. 41 & 42 were approx 100 ft square each. 44 was a small studio/control room used mostly for co-ords. Floor space was 30 ft. or so. 43 (3rd floor) was the on-air switching for commercial insertion, and was next to Master Control, which set up network feeds and next program routing. On the floor below 43/MC (2nd floor), was Telecine ( the same level as 41/42), which was for film, etc. and a maintainence shop. On the 6th floor was Video tape. After 1958, CBS moved to West 57th St. in 1963/64, when the Broadcast Center was completed enough to operate from.
Hope this helps.

Harry Charles