Friday, June 21, 2002

Dear Tony,

Now that is the nicest invitation I have received in a very long time. I do thank you. Yes, I need a break. The last few months have been just too busy. The show that I am working on now was to be recorded, as a live concert at Coney Island's Cyclone for it's 75th Anniversary. I do this series at historical places. Well, we lost our permit to perform at Coney Island because our talent decided to protest on City Hall steps a few days prior. Noble cause for Bloomberg, cutting the funds for public schools.
But nonetheless, my talent got a citation and the slap on the wrist came to no public area would be granted permission for the performance. I still had to produce a show. The only space large enough, outdoors and private was the flight deck of the Intrepid. We were able to get all of the logistics involved moved, and in place with two days notice. Actually less than that because our contract was signed the morning before the load in of stage and lights....Fast forward... Then came the rains. Were they bad? Yes, in the afternoon. But at the time of the concert it was a pleasant mist with the beautiful skyline of Times Square skyscrapers in the background. But the talent wouldn't take the stage. Had his handlers say it was dangerous. Bottom line, not that many kids showed up. Several hundred, but not 2,500 that he hoped for. So a 1/4 million dollars invested and NOTHING to show for it. But I still have to deliver a show. Instead of a nice concert...It's now a 48 Hours show. We followed him into his studio and got a couple of songs and then got a good interview. But in plain English, what a pain in the ass! So I'm living in an edit room all night, and trying to do financial damage control all day. This is after going through 3 weeks of Survivor in Central Park, The Daytime Emmy's and selling a show to MSG Network. All the same month...I'm pooped. Thank you for the invitation and maybe before the summer is over I will stop by to say hello.

Wishing you the best,