Thursday, June 13, 2002

Belmont Day has come and gone into the record books. The largest crowd ever to attend a horse race on New York soil got their money's worth. They witnessed their dreams shattered when the Cinderella horse, War Emblem, fell to his knees as the gate swung open, and of course, that afforded him crying-rights, because he lost the Crown. He can join me in the, I-coulda-woulda-shoulda, bet on the winner Club. The club would also have as a trophy, a crying towel for Hans Singer, the "Oh S**t Plaque" for George Naeder, who called the wrong number out at the window. The Tom Delila-Al Bressan tip sheet that they got from Eddie Arcaro, with eight losers, but at least, they all came in last.
And of course, the piece-DE-resistance' is Big Jim Kelenson, who was being carried out on a stretcher. He was in pain because he fractured his leg at Churchill Downs. Before the "Derby, he asked the ambulance crew to hold up and let him know who the winner of the race was before he went to the hospital. When the driver told him, he said, "@#$%&* shoot me, I can't get a winner all day."
But, the Belmont will always be remembered, in my mind, as the day that Richy Brender mooned the entire grandstand at one of the Belmont Stakes.
You see, Rich was born without a behind, (derriere, for you purists), and when he bends over, their isn't any way his trousers can stay up. He was at the starting gate to hold a mike cable, and he bent over just as the race started. The fans screamed, and he got three offers from some old ladies that were down by the rail.
But, you know what folks? There will be another Belmont next year.
Happy picking.
The loser of the year,
Tony C.