Wednesday, May 01, 2002

This story doesn't have much to do with the flashbacks of the CBS history, but, it has a tie to a slice of enjoyment.

My wife, the lady Pauline, and I belong to a seniors club here in Virginia, named "Teamo," which of course means love, in Italian.

At the last meeting, held each month, a Sunday, it was held at the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus. Everyone partakes in the meeting by bringing a small dish to share with each other.

I am getting used to the idea that we must socialize, oor wither on the vine. During the festivities, which are somewhat like the Retirees Luncheons held in NY/NJ, everyone mills about and compares ailments and other events of the previous month.

The host lady Mrs. Terri Merindino, is the Pearl Mesta, of our little group. When she stopped by our table, and asked the usual, "How ya doing" me being a wise ass, I said it is, "OK, but why is it that, virtually, all southern women, in our age group, have white short hair, and they wear slacks."
I told her about the women of New York, particularly the mostly, young females that march up 72nd. Street, past where "The World Turns" was produced.
And create a stir in the hearts of the technicians and stagehands, that get their morning fix, as this parade of beautiful women, in their flowing dresses, and business suits, make on of NY's bouquets, of feminine pulchritude.

She, politely listened, and smiled, and went on to the next table.
Well, last Sunday, we participated in a dance for Cancer Benefit. My wife and I attend all cancer events, to help as little as we can, in memory for my family that has been devastated by the insidious disease.
I was taken aback by, the lady if our group, as she came over to our table, with a contingent of about twenty woman, all dressed to the 'Nines, She, approached me and said, "Here Tony, these are for you."
I rose to say, "hello" and thanked each of them in turn. They opened up a new page in my heart, for I now realize, that all woman, can be a flower in the bouquet of life.
Short, blue tinted hair, and long flowing dresses, all come with smiles, and memories of the days, of women as roses.
Tony C.