Saturday, May 25, 2002

Received from Tony Cucurullo for posting before Memorial Day ------ [Ted Perzeszty]

Dear Friends:
Only once before (about Doris Reardon) have I asked that we pray for someone in our CBS Family.
This time I am asking for that prayer for the one person that has been the driving force of the CBS Retirees Association.

Fred Schutz

Fred, is not the originator of the group. The men that started all this goes back to those giants of the Radio days.
Fred, just took over the roll as director, and with the able assistance of his wife Agnes, turned this very acceptable idea into the friendly atmosphere of ones own living room.
The luncheons evolved and with the participation of all the retirees that were let out of the company in the '80s on, the camaraderie, and fun was because this man commands so much respect, he engenders these attributes to us all.
Now in this his, and Agnes' time, for the enjoyment of the Golden years, he has run into the test of wills to endure his medical problems.
Ted Perzeszty, has spoken to him this past week, and he will write to explain the events that have occurred up to this point in time.

I know that some of you don't have any formal religion, but, I am quite sure that,"no matter," your preferences, you too make some informal prayer for your needs. Fred, deserves your good wishes for a recovery.
He is our titular leader. His demeanor is that of a curmudgeon. He loves this group, and the luncheons are an extension of that love. He and Agnes, and Tony Casola, work very hard toward that end.
I ask of you, Please,....... take a moment,........... and pray that he has surcease from this tormenting pain that he is in at this time.

I am quite certain that would be all he would ask for now. I would also include, pray that he recover so that all the good works of his life can be finalized in a pleasant and peaceful time for him to enjoy.
How can you not like this man in a special way?
Please pray for him.
Tony C.