Sunday, May 19, 2002

Reading Sid Kaufman's story about the gas masks, I haven't laughed that hard in a long while (as opposed to a short while). Sid was always one of the good guys, even when he became a Vice President. He and I were attending negotiations between Local 122, and the company, in Phoenix, Arizona. Sid was there to raise his hand, when he was told to, by Jim Sirmons, as were all the other VP's.

Sid had enough of that crap, and he took off for Las Vegas. We had heard, somehow, that he was sick out there. My wife Paula and I rented a car and drove out to Vegas (a six-hour drive through the desert). We found Sid, comfortably playing blackjack at one of the tables. We agreed to meet later to have din-din. I went to the horse parlor to play, and at one point in time, Sid came by just as my horse race started. I told him I just played an 80 to 1, long shot, and I included it in a triple. That is picking two other horses to finish, as I picked them. Well indeed it came in, and I went to the window to collect, with Sid at my side. We looked up at the TV screen and saw the results showing that I had just won $15000, that's right, fifteen thousand dollars.
I handed the clerk the ticket, and he in turn shoves $500 at me. I said, "hold it guy, I just hit the tri." "That's right, and I paid you the limit, 500 to one." I didn't know the casino rules at that time. There was a limit.
Sid looks into my teary eyes, and as the warm person that he is, he said, "Get away from me you jinx, and that's why you are going to lose the negotiations too, you are a born loser."
How sweet this gentleman is. That's why we love him!
Tony C.