Monday, May 27, 2002

Memorial Day 2002

Pierce Evans (Battle of the Bulge)
Tom Delila, Guadalcanal
Major Jesse Rineer
Colonel Dom Corrado
Capt. Dave Paine, fighter Pilot WW2
Lt. Jim Rose, Vietnam
Bernie Sweeney, 2nd Cav Vietnam
Vernon Surphlis, China Burma WW2
Vincent Bartilucci, Radio Op, B17 Memphis Belle Squadron. Dsc/Air Medal/Bronze Star.... Over 30 missions over Germany
Phil Polanski, WW2 Silver Star
Walter Cronkite
Andy Rooney
Neil McCaffery VN
Al Kozak Navy
Jim McCarthy, WW2
Al Fabricatore, WW2
John Lincoln, WW2
Chico Claudio, WW2
Lt. Col. Sig Meyers
George Naeder, Battleship New Jersey, WW2
Capt. Herman Lang, Gen. Patton's 3rd Army
Bob Dailey
Ted Perzeszty
Mike DeIeso, WW2, Philippines
Joe Strano
Gene Pasculli
Frank Marth
Pat McBride
Dick Douglas
Capt. Frank Florio, Bombardier, Pacific
John Baranello, WW2
Rich Brender, Vietnam
Capt. Harry Haigood, WW2
Al Consiglio
Joe Sokota
Vinnie Castrataro, Korea
Bill Naeder, 2nd.Inf. Div., Korea (14 months)

These are the names that come to mind readily. If I knew about your service and did not print your name, forgive me these senior lapses.
I did these from memory. The point being this is a time of the year when we remember the sacrifices that the young men of our country make on our behalf.
The solider that walks a lonely post, or a sailor on a ship under way, as he stands watch with the wind and rain in his face. Or a clerk in the military that has the duty of the day, and vows that this country will not fail because of him. To all of you in our CBS family that served this country, whether in combat or peacetime duty, the country thanks you, and your reward is the greatest that this country can give to each of you, the title...


Tony Cucurullo, WW2. Korea, UDT-4