Saturday, May 18, 2002

Once we start reminiscing there is no end to the many true stories of the earliest live days of TV.

This one was at the Democratic Presidential convention in Chicago where Hubert Humphrey was the nominee and all the terrible rioting was taking place. This was the start of the new Flash unit, which was a small truck looking like a tank, with about 3 cameras and all the other equipment. Al Thaler was the Producer/Director (Al was a character but the right guy for this type of remote, where guts and fancy talking were needed) and the crew was named "Thaler's Raiders". I was back in the stockyards where the convention was taking place, and in charge of remote control that all remotes came into, and then were sent to the main control room for Bob Wussler to handle.
For those of you who can remember, it was also the time of a crippling telephone strike, and all we had was radio communication, no telephones. Over the speaker came the voice of Thaler. "Sid, Sid tear gas is flying from the cops trying to stop the rioting, and I have ten guys and only 5 gas masks, what should I do?" I thought for a moment, and said, "give them to the Jewish Technicians."
Sid Kaufman