Thursday, May 23, 2002

Just received the following from Bob Vernum: ----------------------- [Ted Perzeszty]

After reading frank novaks piece on cbsw and my great friend Joe Tier I was inspired to relate a few intertesting events that took place in my life during my tenure with CBS, all of which occured in DC.
.When JFK was assasinated I was so moved that I decided to drive to DC with my oldest daughter Carolyn, it was the second sunday following the event,after waiting in line we came to the grave with the eternal light,said a brief prayer then proceded on our way home to NY.
On our way i stopped to pay a toll in maryland--saw a bright light followed by an explosion-it was an aircraft that blew up in mid air!----she slept through the event.
The next experience was staying at a Howard Johnsons hotel during the civil rights march(my first remote) I noticed construction going on out the window, I asked what it was-the front desk said it was a building called--he thought WATERGATE??
Several years later on a vacation we stopped at the washington monument late in the day, the ride up was uneventful but the ride down was different, a woman became ill and fell to the floor, the operator asked me to hold the control to descend which I did! That is my claim to fame!
Not to minimize Franks rememberances of Joe and CBSW but I thought I would enter my nominations for the CBS technical hall of fame. Please offer your contributions to this list, these are the ones that come to my mind.

I am sure I have left many out who deserve mention but the above names were my mentors,my heroes. Bob Vernum