Tuesday, May 07, 2002

I have noticed that the present postings seem to refer only to CBS New York Television engineers. However our IBEW contract covered both CBS
owned and operated television and radio stations, (FM and AM), Columbia Records, and our CBS Washington facility as well as the TV and Radio
Networks. As I recall, WJSV in Washington, which was founded by J. S.Vance, and originated CBS Washington news feeds, had an IBEW contract
for it's engineers, which continued when It was bought out by a newspaper and changed it's call letters to WTOP. Then CBS built it's own news
facility (2020 M Street) and some of the engineers joined our staff, and came under our CBS contract. ( My biggest joy would be when I would be
assigned there for special occasions, such as inaugurals and the Pope's visit).

I started with CBS in 1944, assigned to the Short Wave division, first in studios, and then in Short Wave Master control. In 1945 I transferred to
Hollywood (KNX). In 1946, during a layoff, I built KCMJ, an affiliate, in Palm Springs. Then back to KNX to be immediately sent to Santa Catalina
Island to broadcast a dance band remote from the famous Casino at Avalon for three and a half months.

In 1951 the "smog" got too much for me as I had young children by that time, so I arranged a transfer back to CBS New York. I spent that summer
doing vacation relief on daytime shows, meaning that for the first time in my broadcasting career, I was working days with weekends off. However,
in the fall, I was told that I would be doing name shows and working weekends. The good part was that I would now be making big money, and I
was able to buy a nice home in Wesrchester County.

Then, my friend, Tommy Thompson requested my transfer to television. My old buddy from short wave days,Charlie Giriat, was in charge.
Although I did well, I always missed the glamour days of radio!

Bill Murtough