Saturday, May 25, 2002

Just a little note to say I haven't forgotten 20 great years in New York before I transferred to the West Coast. Many thanks to Walter Freedman who was my first tutor in Videotape and to Danny Stevens who allowed me to assist with the Ed Sullivan Show. Although I've been away from CBS since 1991, I have many fond memories from New York including Bill Lacey's Film Department at WCBS-TV, Broadcast Control under Hal Meier, Ira Schackman and Dean Moore, the PC Rooms where Les Burkhardt saved our necks so many times when our computer decided to go off on its own and finally, Videotape under Bob Ruggiero, where I met some of the greats who have since passed away, like George Hartman and Hank Wolf. Been away a long time, but I do remember a lot of good times. I'm taking the liberty of attaching a couple of photos. One is with Danny Stevens when he was training me back around 1970. The other is a recent photo of myself taken about 3 years ago. (Older picture, but more flattering).
Warmest best wishes to you all,
Jerry Colet