Friday, May 03, 2002

Here is a web reference to Carol Reed, the "Weather Girl."
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Not everybody who has been in the meteorology profession has been ... well ... qualified--or even interested in the weather. You see, weather has been a controversial subject of sorts over the years, with the most ludicrous topic being that of the so-called "weather girls". When I think of this term, I think of the women who gave the weather back in the 1950's. I guess that the television industry back then thought that weather forecasting was a pretty dorky and boring aspect of the newscast and they wanted to spice it up a little bit. So with a real (male) meteorologist behind the camera, women "scrawled weather maps on Plexiglas, donned hats to match the forecast, or rose yawning from bed in skimpy lingerie to deliver the late night forecast" (Laskin 176). Laskin goes on to note that "Nobody gave a hoot what the weathercaster said, so long as she had nice legs. The weather report was a place where you could stick in a pretty face ...and a nice body didn't hurt either" (Laskin 179-180).
Carol Reed was the so-called leader of the weather girl pack. Her performances on New York's WCBS quickly led to an avalanche of other weather girls. Laskin also writes that "Tedi Thurman, whom TV Guide dubbed 'weather girl supreme' turned her regular weather spot ... into something of a striptease. Forecasting from behind a shower curtain, she poured on the sexual innuendo: 'In the morning- rain ... In the afternoon- dew. In the evening- don't"' (Laskin 180). Really, the only qualifications it took to become a weather girl were to be attractive and have some sort of short-term memory.