Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Hello again everyone. Now that the site is back up and running, my temporary notice will be removed from the front page. Just to keep the record complete, and leave my "closing" remarks as co-webmater, here is a copy of what I'd had on the front page. More will be added below.
Notice: This website has not been actively maintained since the end of February. This message is from the former co-webmaster, Adrian Ettlinger, whose responsibilities have been to upload the updates to the site. At the New York luncheon, on 4/17/02, a new maintenance team was organized to resume updating of the site. The duties will be shared by Dave Minott and Ted Perzeszty. When updating is resumed, it may be expected that an E-mail will be broadcast to the membership list. So stand by, and there isn't much point in looking in here again until you receive an E-mail.

And, as a personal note, I've enjoyed doing this job and renewing old friendships with many of you from the "old days" when we all worked together to build a new industry. I know the website will be in capable hands from this point onwards. You'll see some changes in style, and overall my hunch is it's going to wind up being better than before. I didn't try to pin down Dave and Ted as to what their target date will be, but they're planning on getting together soon to work out the details.

And as a further note, the April 17 luncheon was a great success as usual, having been arranged by Ted P. and Tony Casola. There were 107 in attendance. Tony will carry on publishing the newsletter. The sad note was that Freddie Schutz could not be with us.
Having said that, as things have developed, I'll keep my hand in to some extent. I took some of the leisure time I've had since Dave and Ted took over to prepare an index of the photos, something a few members had suggested in the past. And I volunteered to Dave to take on the responsibility to keep the index up to date as photos are added in the future. Also, since I have the tools for uploading, I can do occasional "vacation relief" for Dave should the need arise. Although with the new message system, that should only be needed for adding of photos.
Best regards to all ----------------------Adrian