Thursday, May 02, 2002

Headline April 10, 2002 !!
President Bush Urges Congress to Ban All Human Cloning. What a timely story... "The Shroud" comes along just as the President of the United States decides that the brakes should be put on, as the enthusiastic scientific world attempts to open the door on yet another of man's insatiable drives to conquer new frontiers.
Does the president have some knowledge on the possibility of another governmental coverup.

Pierce Evans and Frank DuPont created "The Shroud" by assembling the voluminous technical facts.
Even though the pious leaders of the church haven't made any serious statements that the Shroud is definitely the image of the crucified Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.
This book carefully takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions that is unbelievable. The desire to race through the history of the Shroud, by the authors, to get to the possibility that cloning from a snippet of the Shroud could create the Savior of the world is obvious, and before the mind can comprehend that possibility, the twists and turns that ensue, leave you with the need to keep reading, for now your mind cannot comprehend the consequences of terror that the book portends.

The Bible, in the book of Genesis, teaches that God made man in his own image.
Man in his never ending search and curiosity to clone a man in his own image has used all of the science that humankind has compiled. Is he now God or Man?.. In God's creation there is good and evil. Can man isolate the genes and choose only what elevates science, or does cloning open the door to terror unrealized?

Read "The Shroud" and be prepared to question your own preconceived ideas about your own existence. Can you put this book down?.. I think you will be wishing for Evans and DuPont to clone another book. Did I say clone? God forgive me.
We will have to wait for the movie version with all the special effects to save your sanity but it is a delicious treat to have your own imagination take you to the light at the end of your imagination... or does it?
Tony C.