Wednesday, May 08, 2002


A new, four year contract has been ratified by the NBC membership.

On the first vote 10 of the 11 units voted for ratification One unit:
Contract C, Washington Staging Services, was a 2-2 tie.

A re-vote was made on May 1 of the C contract which passed,
completing ratification of all 11 units.

Below is a copy Bulletin #7, with more details, It was issued on April
19th prior to ratification of Washington Contract C.

Howie Atlas

April 19, 2002

Ten of eleven units of NABET-CWA-represented members have ratified
a new four-year Master Agreement with NBC. This includes
Engineering which comprises the largest number of employees at the
network nationwide.

The Engineering contract in that Agreement was approved by a 60%
vote of 658 to 445. Local 11, New York voted 261 to 231 in favor; Local
41, Chicago, 82 to 18 for acceptance as did Local 53, Burbank, CA, by
a 245 to 74 vote. Only Local 31, Washington, D.C., voted 122 to 70 for

The new Agreement provides for 3% wage increases in each of the
four years, with the first raise being retroactive to April 1.

One unit that did not ratify, cast an inconclusive 2 to 2 vote. It was the
C Staging Services Agreement in Washington. It now will be re-voted

The new Master Agreement is the result of a series of limited issue, off-
the- record negotiations that originally began in August of last year.

NABET-CWA Negotiating Committee

Forwarded by Lee Levy