Tuesday, May 14, 2002

From Sid Kaufman:

A true and humorous incident from the old Ed Sullivan days when I was an audio engineer at studio 50 in the mid 50's. During the dress rehearsal on Sunday afternoon, I was sitting in the old radio booth on stage left, and Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney (the ventriloquist act ala Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy) were "conversing". As I was listening, I looked up and saw the boom swishing back and forth quickly between Winchell and the Dummy. I couldn't believe it, and I got on boom talk and said "hey shmuck, the dummy can't talk". The Kicker to this is that this man (and I won't give his name to save him from embarassment) later became an executive at CBS Operations --which figures.
I am sure there are many more true, and interesting things that have happened in our early days of TV. I know there were many intersting things that happened on Person to Person remotes. How about our retirees relating more of these true and humorous incidents?