Friday, May 17, 2002

From Sid Kaufman:

Right! Bob Dailey on the battleship North Carolina. It was you, Sam Levin, and me who went to the ship with Marlo Lewis (the wonderful balloon story). The other one on the Ed Sullivan show was on the carrier Antietam that was at anchor in the middle of the Hudson River. It was on a hot Sunday in July, and we rehearsed all day. The show was opening with Ed Sullivan arriving in a Helicopter from Mitchell Field, in Long Island, and we rehearsed all the acts with Ray Bloch and his big orchestra, who were on the deck of the ship. The show opened with Ed landing on the carrier deck and behold, the blade wash of the chopper landing, blew all the music from the bandstands into the middle of the Hudson river, and the band had to wing it for the whole hour show.

One I can never forget was on "Person to Person". They were doing Emily Kimbrogh (spelling not sure) from a town house on the East Side of Manhattan. We had two porters that always were with us to move the furniture and take the doors off so the cameras could get through etc. We were warned as soon as we arrived to be extra careful of the huge crystal chandelier in the dining room - that it was priceless. Sure enough, the porters removed a door, and carrying it on each side, walked right through the crystal chandelier. Glass all over the place.
Also, on "Person to Person" remotes, we used the earliest version of wireless mikes, the Budelman. They had a mammoth backpack that we had to put under the women's skirts. Once on, they weren't turned off, and some of the things we heard, unbeknownst to the individual, were hilarious. I think it was Bob Oswald who was the Budelman technician, and he had to change the batteries for the air show and spent a lot of time under skirts. There were many more of these happenings during the live TV days, long before videotape.

True stories, and there are many more in the wings...Lets hear them!