Monday, May 27, 2002

Fred Schutz

Many of you have asked about Fred Schutz's condition.
Fred has an illness known as "Multiple Myeloma."

First a brief medical explanation:

Multiple Myeloma is a malignancy of the plasma cells, which help populate the bone marrow, the body's factory for blood. Plasma cells are part of the immune system and patients lose their ability to fight infections. Because the cancer emanates in the bone marrow, the bones themselves are attacked by the cancer. Fractures are common because the disease causes bone lesions. That destruction can in turn lead to calcium being leached into the blood, an imbalance that can cause kidney failure.
About 6 months ago, Fred started having pains in his leg. This was diagnosed as hernia pain. He was scheduled to have hernia surgery, but after blood tests were analyzed, the tests showed kidney failure. Both kidneys had shut down. The hernia surgery was cancelled and he was immediately put on dialysis. They later determined that the cause was "Multiple Myeloma". He was given chemo to fight the cancer. Last week his right hip joint and right femur had to be replaced. The bones had disintegrated from the disease. He is now facing a few weeks in a physical therapy clinic. He has to have dialysis every other day, so they will have to find a facility that has the equipment for dialysis and physical therapy, a very difficult place to find. Considering all that Fred has gone through so far just shows what a fighter he is.
I will try to keep you updated as to his progress in the coming weeks. We also ask for your prayers.

Ted Perzeszty