Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Forwarded by Tony Cucurullo

Just read Sid's piece on the Sullivan show, and it brings to mind when we did a remote on the battleship North Carolina. It was docked at Pier 57 on the Hudson. I was the TD at the time and Marlo Lewis and I went aboard to meet with the Captain and the Gunnery Officer. Marlo's opening remark was "When we come on the air, Ed would like you to fire off the 16 inch guns." The two officers looked at each other with open mouths and said, "we can't do that, we are in port!" Marlo thought for a minute, and then said, "OK, fill them with balloons!" I thought the Gunnery Officer would throw up! During rehearsal, we were using a wireless mike and we were getting interference. I forget who was doing audio at the time (it might have been Sid.) At any rate, we kept asking the Navy to shut down some of their equipment to stop all the interference. The result was that they turned on most everything, including the bilge pumps! At 6 o'clock, Monday morning, the destroyers came into the harbor, and pulled the North Carolina off the mud and into midstream. True story!

Bob Dailey