Tuesday, May 21, 2002

CBS-W will have been in operation 38 years next month, having met its projected on-air date in 1964. I would like to propose a toast to the original group of technicians and the leadership of Sid Kaufman and Joe Tier for a job well done! Here are a few anecdotes:

Joe was the eternal maintenance man, but because he "was in management" he could only instruct techs with solutions to problems. As a result, when he came into the Central Control area, he was ordered to spread his legs and put his hands on the wall. He then was patted down for screw drivers.

Joe fretted on remotes until the shoot was over. Prior to a football game, or any Washington based coverage, there was always a way to get to him. After lining up cameras and checking in, I would stand at the door of the mobile unit with a frown, and shake my head. Joe would go pale and ask me what was wrong. I Told him, "EVERYTHING'S GOING TOO WELL, JOE." He would gasp, " don't say that, don't say that", and proceed to worry until we were off the air.

All the top sports production crew came down for the first Giants-Redskins game, including the president of CBS sports. We were going to be judged by NY standards. Everyone was smiling after the game, including the president of sports. We had done it! CBS-W was PROFESSIONAL! But the biggest smile that day belonged to Joe. He was so damned proud of us. I miss you, Joe, and the people like you at CBS. OH WHAT A RIDE WE HAD!

Frank Novack