Monday, April 29, 2002

Well, as long as we are back in the WEB page business, let's start with what I consider a big snobbish slight by the production people on the West Coast.

"CBS Fifty Years" of television from, the Studios of Television City, Hollywood. I guess the snobs on the coast felt the mystique of the Hollywood name is a better sobriquet to put on the Veneer surface of glamour, than on "man's first step" into the frontier effort of LIVE television.

This accomplishment by many of the engineering inventions, and technical excursions into unknown electronic territory by the East coast crews that put on live shows, locally, and on a delayed system to the Network also, and with great success.
The Engineering department admittedly couldn't compete with the high profile names of showbiz. But, their contributions will certainly out last all the fragile limelight successes, of even those names that are admittedly icons, now.

The show with a nominal amount of imagination could have weaved the idea that the successes of CBS was a two coast effort, by revealing that not all the shows emanated live from Hollywood.
That Stars, ascended into the ethereal world of make believe here on the East Coast, too. I might also add, the severe and relentless competition from NBC, ABC, spurred our engineers to improve our shows almost on a daily basis.
As for technical talent, they briefly threw us a bone, by mentioning a technician from the West. We know most of the technicians from Hollywood west, and yes, they are among some of the finest, along with our Classon, McBride, Lincoln, Florio, and so many others.
The movie stars live on the coast, but the implication was that the industry was almost totally, a West Coast success?

So, once again the heads of CBS/Viacom used a pandering effort to the stars of Hollywood, and dollars of course, to chronicle the history of the 50 years of television. Nice show, as far as a trip down memory lane goes. But, they missed the mark, by revisiting the true history of television. And, least I commit the same error, how do you mention showbiz luminaries as, Benny, Smith, Burns, and all the other personalities that made their reputations glisten because of the imaginative Radio engineering/techs. There wasn't any mention of those pioneers that laid the technical groundwork for the advent of the new media, the television industry.

Welcome back to your page. And don't forget, we all come from the time period when one could get, "two cents plain."
Tony C.