Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Welcome to the New/Old web site.

The address to access this page is;

Open, ( or click on) Messages To Retirees. ( as you did in the past)
The new heading is, CBS Retirees Ramblings.
It is just getting off the ground, so bear with us as we continue along the path of perfection.

You may continue to contribute stories, memories, ramblings, senior excursions, into the world of, "it never happened" or just anecdotes. Perhaps gossip is your forte'?

Or how about some of the fiction you put on your time cards?

We would even like some juicy tidbits, that dear lady, Doris Reardon used to pry from our memory banks during the luncheons, ( that are still alive and thriving). So, come on contribute.
You can even use the old movie trick when a director didn't like his product, and he didn't want his name used, they used the name Smythe, or some such, as a cover-up. (I sure wish Stan Seiller was looking over my shoulder, as he did when we published the 1212 News, he is a writer, and a very funny man)

Look people, this can only survive with your help.

Tony C.

This message was carefully spell checked, and the grammar is pure South Brooklyn Italian. so, if there are any errors, please let the editor know about it. Or Just,Fugedaboutit!