Monday, April 29, 2002

I have to cancel the meeting for May 10. Peter informed me today that we will begin WNET negotiations that day. He also suggested that we try to get together in June but that doesn't mean that we can't continue our organizational preparation. I have received all the lists that have been sent to me and will begin to work on the regional breakdowns unless someone else is looking for busy work. sorry about the cancellation. Keith

Well, people, into a each life a little rain must fall, it seems we were just tinkled on. Sorry 'bout dat.
I hope I can make the next meeting. Keep the faith, this is just a test for us to endure.
I would carefully consider any action that is necessary for any of you take, to secure your own medical coverage. For as the time is being inexorable, used up, and we are getting closer to cutoff time. I can understand if you care to take your own destiny in your hands, and go forward with your own plans.
Please try to make the next meeting, if it comes off.
Thank you for your contributions to date.
Tony C.